The Anti-Semantic Show
Four assholes with microphones discuss politics, current events, movies, wrestling and many other topics of an overall useless nature.
Episode 161 - Lost Episode 1 - For Paul

Paul has supported us from the beginning, quite literally.  In college, Paul kept Pinder on the air after he went rogue to promote the college radio station and got in trouble. They wanted the name of the guy posting promotions with faked signatures of approval, and Paul protected him. Paul has harassed us since we stopped posting to put up a new episode. Today he inspired Pinder to get off his ass and start releasing the lost episodes, so it's only fitting that the first is dedicated to him.

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Episode 160 - Dinosaur Love

This episode is chronologically incorrect, but we hope you enjoy. There's a dinosaur dating simulator, people going to Mars to die, Mayoral candidates, babies in film, and we congratulate Drew on his baby. This was recorded in September of 2013.

Closing music is by Slow Motion Commotion who you should really check out because they are awesome.

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ASS Tracks - Santa Claus (1959)

This episode departs from the normal format and finds Ryan, Pradogod, and Pinder testing a new type of show.  This podcast is meant to be played in addition to the movie "Santa Claus" made in 1959.  The movie features Santa Claus' struggle against the devil and runs about 90 minutes.  This movie can be found on Amazon Prime Instant Video or on Youtube for free.  Simply queue the movie then begin playing the podcast, then hit play on the movie when prompted.  Now you can experience sitting in Ryan's living room as the guys mock the movie and then suffer through the last 30 minutes as if they were victims of the Spanish Inquisition.

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Episode 159 - Anyone Could Be Santa Claus

This episode Fact Checker Tom stops in and the guys discuss the honored tradition of SantaCon and why they shouldn't shut it down.  They also discuss Ryan's inability to tell a story with an ending, talk the internet's response to Paul Walker's death, and Mike Cruz's rummaging through friends' computer gets discussed.  All this plus a new "Are You F**king Kidding Me!?".

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Episode 158 - No Pedestals

Mike Cruz drops in to discuss Toronto's crazy ass Mayor, Bitstrips, and Fall television.  The guys also talk about Mike's problems with everything/everywhere, George Zimmerman's return to the public eye, and views on Prostitutes.  All this and an all new "Are You Fuckin' Kidding Me?!" from John Powers.

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Episode 157 - Generic Episode

This episode is from a couple of months ago.  The guys welcome Mike Cruz to the show and discuss stories and porn.  Very generic.

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Episode 156 - Lions and Turkeys

This week the guys debate the fate of the Staten Island wild turkeys, someone gets stranded on the BQE, and a man has puppies in his pants.  This week also features a new "Are You Fucking Kidding Me?", Coolio is selling the rights to his music, and Patton Oswalt makes twitter his bitch.  Thanks for listening.

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Episode 155 - Guns & Lies

This week the guys discuss guns, driving in Massachusetts, and the Mantis Shrimp's badassness.  They also talk Detroit bankruptcy and invite John Powers to discuss his "discovery" of the new CitiBike program.

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Episode 154 - Touched by His Noodly Appendage

This week stuff happens and we call out John Powers for his Citi Bike "Breaking News" article. 

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Episode 153 - Batman Trumps Superman

This week the guys discuss Superman versus Batman and some other stuff.  New Are You Fucking Kidding Me?!?!

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Episode 152 - Hu's at Fault?

This episode features discussion on the Zimmerman trial and a Korean Airliner crash.  The guys also discuss J's possible dog ownership, racially insensitive racial sensitivity training, and the continuing Thai obsession with Hitler.  Thanks for listening.

Direct download: Episode_152_-_Hus_at_Fault.mp3
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Episode 151 - Thailand is Dumb

This week Pradogod returns and the guys discuss beer etiquette at parties, Thailand's love for one of history's most hated men, and online dating.  Also discussed are music sensation "Ms. Fun", Zynga Customer Service, and why you should never search Kevin Smith on twitter after 10PM (EST).

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Episode 150 - The Money In the Fountain Is Up For Grabs

This week Mike Cruz pops in to discuss amusement parks, a new Super Nintendo game, and the death of Matt "Doink the Clown" Borne.  They also discuss the best selfie ever, Alicia Silverstone's stupid vegan breast milk, filling the hate hump, and the morality of stealing wishes.

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Episode 149 - Airplane Eitquette and Paula Dean

This week Fact Checker Tom joins in to discuss Paula Dean's troubles and why not to consume garlic bread pre-flight.  Also discussed are why rioting is stupid, Pinder feels bad for being fat, and someone loves Magic Mike.

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Episode 148 - Where's the Big Finish?

This week Mad Dog Mattern drops in to talk with the guys about alcohol tampons, depressing songs, and living in Vegas.  Matt O.C. stops in to discuss his feelings on Man of Steel and gets sidetracked by kryptonite. 

Direct download: Episode_148_-_Wheres_the_Big_Finish.mp3
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Episode 147 - How to Make and Name a Baby

This episode Mike Cruz and Fact-Checker Tom fill in for Drew and Pradogod and discuss baby names, Drew's forthcoming child, and racism.  Also discussed is why we hate playing World of Warcraft and the infamous Red Wedding from A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones.

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Episode 146 - We Are Telling Jokes

This week Comedian Myq Kaplan joins the guys in studio to discuss Florida Man, the meaning of the word "racism", and why he does comedy for a living.  John Powers provides a new "Are You F*cking Kidding Me?" and there's even more news. 

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Episode 145 - Summer Blockbuster

This episode Pinder, Ryan, and Drew talk about the upcoming summer hits and why Ironman 3 is a good movie.  John Powers Delivers a new Are You Fucking Kidding Me?

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Episode 144 - The Crossover

This episode features Jesse PS of the Pod Awful progrum telling the guys about his experience with the feds and how much he hates everyone.  The conversation veers through the landscape of just terrible topics and of course ends with Florida Man.

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Episode 143 - New Age Instagram Chinese Millionaire

This episode the guys discuss China's new wealthy class, Psy's new video, and they try to profile the bombers from the Boston Marathon bombing.  Also discussed is the art of making a homemade porno, reality television, and the future of the Late Show.  Enjoy!

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Anti-Semantic Show Celebrity Interview Extravaganza

This special episode we talk to participants in the Combat Radio Celebrity Soccer Open happening on May 5th, 2013 and benefiting Project Kindle ( and The Peace Fund (  We got to spend an evening talking with some wonderful actors, musicians, and players about this even and it was hilarious.

Special thanks to Ethan Dettenmaier, Stephen Appell, and Eric Mark for the opportunity.  Special thanks to our guests as well: Adrian Paul, Steve Cooke, Eric Mark, Jay Tavare, Stephanie Erb, Diego Lora, Rick Mora, and Mindy Robinson.

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Episode 142 - Toys

This episode features an interview with Jackie Kashian, an amazing comedian that kept us rolling. The only other thing that pops to memory that was talked about was sex toys.  So sex toys and Jackie Kashian.

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Episode 140 - Backing One Out Old School

This week Ryan and Prado hold down the fort with Fact-Checker Tom and our resident Wildlife Expert/Political Correspondent.  Together they discuss the racist Fire Department Lieutenant, proper children's apparel, and what exactly constitutes a micro-penis.  John Powers weighs in with a new Are You Fucking Kidding Me, they get a voice mail from "Chris Brown", and everyone considers oredering the hot new sexual enhancement aid, Swag.  Thanks for listening.

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Episode 139 - Pissssssssssssssssssssssssss

This week Drew comes back and has a new catch phrase.  John Powers contributes a new "Are You Fucking Kidding Me?".  The guys announce new gear available for you to enjoy.  Also pissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

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Episode 138 - Is This Thing On?

This week the Anti-Semantic Show has a special guest drop by
He's Adam Lucidi
He's a comedian and an all around funny guy.
They talk about crazy British listeners and cocktails that will make you vomit
And also Dominoes and Pepsi
But most important thing they about
Is Guy on a Buffalo!
Oh there's a Pradogod update and some other stuff
And Guy on a Buffalo
Hey, is there John Powers?  No but we got Fact-Checker Tom
And Guy on a Buffalo
Hey Adam Lucidi, tell us about your life and stealing a Spongebob blowup and
A Guy on a Buffalo!

Direct download: Episode_138_-_Is_This_Thing_On.mp3
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This week our Political Correspondent stops in to fill for Drew and two other friends, Cupo and Fact_Checker Tom, sit in to discuss the death of a dictator and the threat of North Korea.  Ethan Dettenmaier calls in to discuss his show, "Combat Radio", working as a writer in Hollywood, and whispering conversations with Steven Segal.  All this plus talks about transgender bathroom sharing and a mighty abortion dilemma.  Thanks for listening!

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Episode 136 - Oscars

This week finds the guys discussing the Oscars and trying to decipher why everyone was so upset.  Thomas Atilla Lewis calls in to talk about filming Bill Burr and being a comedian.  Plus we get a new "Are You Fucking Kidding Me!?!" from John Powers.

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Episode 135 - Talking TV

This week the Anti-Semantic Show guys talk TV: What's good, what's bad and what they miss. All that and brand new "Are You Fucking Kidding Me!?" and a mom who won't innculate her kids because of "God's plan" which seems to not include vaccinations.

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Episode 134 - Wrestling With Our Goats

This episode the guys are joined by our resident Wild Life Expert and marvel at the neighing of goats, unsavory practices of Westminster Dog Show, and the antics of America's greatest hero, Florida Man.  Also discussed are Pinder's antics at religious camp and a hot new Hip-Hop track that's making its way around the web.

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Episode 133 - Who Dat Smash, Smash, Suh-mash!?!?

This week the guys welcome Carlo of Dog and Pony Show as he launches a new podcast and Fact-Checker Tom.  They discuss the origin of the "Who Dat?" chant, laugh at the guy who hatchet stomped a fake Jesus and the Rural Olympics of India.  Also touched on are laws in Paris, why porn should stick to being porn, and Pinder tries to defend the Juggalo culture.

Direct download: Episode_133_-_Who_Dat_Smash_Smash_Su-mash.mp3
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Episode 132 - We Give Up On the Internet

Seriously internet, getting real sick of your shit right now.  You've created a buzz around a rapper deserving of success in Macklemore but then you let everyone else in the world rap.  You're videos are horrible and make us lose faith in humanity and you've allowed boy band festivals.  We can't quit you though, especially when you give us the Machete Order to watch Star Wars and provide a long list of parody films we can find on Netflix.  Well, you are the large part of gets talked about this week internet, so come on and listen.

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Episode 131 - Sexy Giraffe Necks

This week Drew is absent but it doesn't slow the guys down.  They get into what holes are numbered above three for sexy time and question why people would ever pee on each other.  They also discuss the Manti Te'o story, the limits of property squatting, and why the dream of being in radio has died.  You'll also find out what bizarre thing Pinder has on his bucket list.

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Episode 130 - Going Berserker On the Kids

This week the guys are drinking out of swing-top bottles so Pinder can brew his beer.  Ryan discovers Omegle during the show and harasses people while Pradogod uncovers Pinder's dark and disturbing obsession.  We also talk about the implications of Lance Armstrong's fall from grace and fake Shane Doyle is dubbed real Shane Doyle.  Hachachah!

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Episode 129 - Don't Give Her the Mr. Morales

This episode there's talk of proper coat room etiquette and another exciting chapter to the ongoing drama of John McAfee and Ryan's robe.  Finally getting caught up so I can kind of remember what these episodes are about.  I think we say "Happy New Year" and fire Drew from one of his jobs.  Also Drew has a new job and sees casual penis.

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Episode 128 - How Do You Get to Heaven?

This episode features members of the show mindlessly discussing some bullshit while being mildly distracted by some other stuff.  There's a discussion about what would make people eligible to get into their heaven.  Some other stuff.

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Episode 127 - Pinder Didn't Like Inglorious Basterds

This episode hails from before Christmas times.  We talk about excitement about the future (now past) movie releases and Pinder debates whether or not Inglorious Basterds was an entertaining movie.  John Powers contributes a new "Are You Fucking Kidding Me?" and we listen to voice mails from a listener that drinks their man under the table.

Direct download: Episode_127_-_Pinder_Didnt_Like_Inglorious_Basterds.mp3
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Episode 126 - Nigel

We are joined by our good friend Nigel Alexander Fullerton to completely ignore the news and talk about porn, our 90's sitcom crushes, and the Wu-Tang Clan.  We also have two new "Are You Fucking Kidding Me"'s.  Merry holiday!

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Episode 125 - It Might Be Christmas

This week we are joined by the hilarious Leah Bonnema and we talk about our slow release of episodes, doing comedy for the USO and lesbians.  This plus a couple of voicemails, the ongoing tale of one puppeteer's dreams and scary comedy moments.

Direct download: Episode_125_-_It_Might_Be_Christmas.mp3
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Episode 124 - Comedy Without Punchlines

This episode we talk more about Elmo and some other stuff.  I don't even remember at this point, we got so far behind on our release schedule.  Anyway, thanks for listening.  More to come.

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Episode 123 - Puppets of All Shapes and Sizes

This week we are joined by our Political and Wildlife correspondent, to discuss the election, CIA scandals and Elmo.  There's a discussion about what would happen if Texas were to secede and become its own country.  We also talk about some other stuff, but this is three weeks ago we recorded it now...I can't remember what we talked about anymore.  Hey, we can listen and discover together.  Sweet!

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Epsiode 122 - Storms & Elections

This week we talk about the super storm that rocked Staten Island.  Since we're from here, we talk about it quite a bit.  We also recorded this on election night so we discuss the results of that as they come in and you listen some time later.  We also have a new "Are You Fucking Kidding Me?!?" and talk some news that isn't the storm.

Direct download: Episode_122_-_Storms_and_Elections.mp3
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Episode 121 - Accurately Portraying an Owl

This episode shows up a bit late, but covers some timeless topics.  How timeless?  How about the discussion over what you need to do when dressed as an owl watching over a woman when she sleeps?  What about uppercutting bus drivers?  How about the real timeless one, about whether or not porn of yourself as a child counts as illegal child porn?  Mind blown?  Listen to it anyway.

Direct download: Epsiode_121_-_Accurately_Portraying_An_Owl.mp3
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Episode 120 - Radio is Dead

This week we get into the debate over the death of terrestrial radio and the future of gaming and we discuss stalking Ali Spagnola at her show.  We also discuss Hulk Hogan's ugly balls on film, CM Punk beating up a crowd member and Jean Claude Van Damme's bad assery.  We also get our first white people joke and it causes Drew to go on the attack.

Direct download: Episode_120_-_Radio_is_Dead.mp3
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Episode 119 - Iggy Pop's Rider

This week comedian Carolina Hidalgo sits in with us and reminisces about high school.  We ponder where Mo Rocca went, crazy TV theories, and Ryan's new best friend.  We also talk clever ways to get free college textbooks, getting loose through butt chugging and Iggy Pop's insane rider for concerts.  We have an all new "Are You Fucking Kidding Me" to top it all off.

Direct download: Episode_119_-_Iggy_Pops_Rider.mp3
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Episode 118 - Mr. Potato Jesus

This week Pradogod is off and Ryan is left to the mercy of Drew and Pinder.  They talk about conservation of condoms, Billie Joe Armstrong's meltdown turned non-Rock-N-Roll, and Madonna's stupid muscles.  They also riff on lite salt, read reviews for everyday objects, and the wonder that is Potato Jesus.

Direct download: Episode_118_-_Mr_Potato_Jesus.mp3
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Episode 117 - Seattle Can Suck My Dick

This episode Pinder and Drew are out so a special guest and "Fact-Checker" Tom fill in.  They talk about Muslims and their anger at America.  What else?  No idea, just gotta listen together and figure it out I guess.

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Episode 116 - Michael Clarke Duncan Is Not Terry Crews

Your ears burn when someone talks about you but our peeholes burn when you talk about us!  This week Jen Remauro pops by to talk some comedy stuff that she can't talk about, we catch up on celebrity deaths and we use 9-11 as a verb.  We have a bunch of stories from Canada and an all new Are You Fucking Kidding Me?  Listen and enjoy!

Direct download: Episode_116_-_Micael_Clarke_Duncan_Is_Not_Terry_Crews.mp3
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Episode 115 - Just Pour Booze In a Bum's Hand

This week we welcome comedian Jessimae Peluso into the studio to hang out and talk about anything but nipples. Our buddy John Powers delivers with an all new "Are You Fucking Kidding Me?" We also talk about tough times for Armstrongs, Pinder turns 30, and a woman rides a bike to surgery.

Direct download: Episode_115_-_Just_Pour_Liquor_In_the_Bums_Hand.mp3
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Episode 114 - Sloppy Joes Dipped in Hennessy

This week we discuss an odd new food craze that has even our fat, drunk asses in revulsion.  BJ Mendelson (Author, Social Media is Bullshit) stops in to talk about being the old man on campus and writing a book.  Fact Checker Tom fills in for Drew.  Then we get a message from Shane Doyle.  Somebody check his basement, we heard gun shots.

Direct download: Episode_114_-_Sloppy_Joes_Dipped_in_Hennessy.mp3
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Episode 113 - Mein Hat is Like a Shark's Fin

This week is packed with tons of completely non-offensive news.  We talk about Shark Week, Hitler Wine, Mountain Dew's new campaign to name their new flavor and LL Cool J.  Vin Noe (aka: Future Boy 3000) stops in to chat with us about Dino Crisis and a drowning kid.  That plus a new Are You Fucking Kidding Me from John Powers.

Direct download: Episode_113_-_Mein_Hat_Is_Like_a_Sharks_Fin.mp3
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Episode 112 - Conspiracies and Cancer Cures

This week we're joined by Chris Oliveri of the Dog and Pony Show to talk about news.  We get a new fix from Comic John Powers, open a can of whoop-ass on the truth with an all new Stiff Frisbee and mock another foreign culture.  All this plus the miracle cancer cure that comes from a man that looks like Bam Bam Bigelow but solves problems in a way Bam Margera could only love.

Direct download: Episode_112_-_Conspiracies_and_Cancer_Cures.mp3
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Episode 111 - 100 Meter Freestyle Shake Weight

This week we talk the Olympics, how much we hate the American coverage and talk about why Asia is weird.  We also debate events and discuss how humans discovered what to eat and what not to eat.  No interview this week, but strap in and listen up to our newly titled "Wild Life Expert".

Direct download: Episode_111_-_100_Meter_Freestyle_Shake_Weight.mp3
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Episode 110 - Drink Bear F**k Bathtub Water

This week, a friend sits in for Pradogod, we talk about the Dark Night Rises and we get angry at the news for making a douchebag a household name.  We talk to Comedian, Comedy Producer and host of Comedy Point Radio, "Soul" Joel Richardson about comedians, awkward silence and living the dream.  All this plus a new "Are You F**cking Kidding Me" and a discussion about bottled water.

Direct download: Episode_110_-_Drink_Bear_Fuck_Bathtub_Water.mp3
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Episode 109 - Small Soda Conversation

This week we spend some time talking real about sexy times with crazy chicks with our in-studio guest Greg. We also debate MMA, John Powers contributes another awesome installment of "Are You Fucking Kidding Me" and we try to figure out what Mega Man smells like. All this plus CEO of DigEm Records and man of many hats, Third Digala stops in to talk about Hip-Hop.

Direct download: Episode_109_-_Small_Soda_Conversation.mp3
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Episode 108 - Bill Murray and 90's Nostalgia

This week we discuss the Bill Murray party tour, weight loss plans and the best sign postings we could find on a list of the best sign postings.  We also read a guest's apology for last week's show, debate Drew's level of wrongdoing at Pinder's barbeque and find a new fad diet.  We also talk with Danny Tamberelli (Adventures of Pete and Pete, All That, Jounce, Manboobs Comedy) about being a child actor, touring and the bombing of Hiroshima.

Direct download: Episode_108_-_Bill_Murray_and_90s_Nostalgia.mp3
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Episode 107 - Dark Words From Dark Souls

This week an old friend and a new frined, Tom, sit in for Prado and Drew and the result is horrifying.  Be prepared to listen to jokes that are more likely to offend as we discuss the song "Brick" by Ben Folds Five, pot being the top drug in the world and a dark horse Presidential candidate.  We also talk to a naked John Powers, discuss celebrity outings and philosophize on how bat-shit Scientologists could actually be.

Direct download: Episode_107_-_Dark_Words_From_Dark_Souls.mp3
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Episode 106 - Snooching With Jason Mewes

This week we have the privilege of interviewing Jason Mewes via Skype.  We talk about movies stealing the character of "Jay", the unknown future of "Todd and the Book of Pure Evil", kissing the beautiful women of Hollywood and Jason's wants for his future in acting.  We also have a story about a village in China that almost ate a fleshlight, installing the World's largest Ferris wheel in Staten Island and the Wall Street Playas pop in to give an update on what they've been up to.  Also Ryan defends himself against the harsh accusations of killing a bug and rubbing it off on Pinder's rug.

Direct download: Episode_106_-_Snooching_With_Jason_Mewes.mp3
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Episode 105 - Monsters and Jokers

This week we talk about sneakers with shackles and debut a new bit featuring comedian John Powers.  We also talk crazy people on bath salts, the origin of zombies and the best Joker.  Plus rapper MC Lars pops in to talk his new CD, the Edgar Allan Poe EP, teaching through hip-hop and the inspiration behind some of his songs.

Direct download: Episode_105_-_Monsters_and_Jokers.mp3
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Episode 104 - Doing it For Goldberg's Money

This week a teacher shatter children's illusions of the world, Ryan Anti-Hero rages against the machine during a drug test and war is declared over super-fan Duncan Dr. Funkin.  Plus we sit down to chat with wrestling legend Mick Foley about transitioning to Stand-Up comedy, the future of wrestling, and his inevitable induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Direct download: Episode_104_-_Doing_it_For_Goldbergs_Money.mp3
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Episode 103 - Pegging: Don't Google It!

This week Sexpert Jane Blow visits us to answer some sex questions and have her words used against her in a court of drunks.  We debate sleep rape, laugh at a flying cat and get deep into Drew's sexuality.  We field Krod's recommendation for Transformers comic books as well and try our hand at medical advice (NOTE: DO NOT TRUST ANY MEDICAL ADVICE THIS SHOW GIVES YOU!).

Direct download: Episode_103_-_Pegging_Should_Not_Be_Googled.mp3
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Episode 102 - Your Stupid, Chewy Face and Burnt Heart

This week we jump on the impending zombie death that is coming for us, discuss how heartless sparring partners can be and try to decipher a group of drunks post-Power Hour.  We also talk to actress Jennifer Layne Park about getting in Penthouse magazine fully clothed, debate how laws should be enforced and pitch Zan Danger 3.

Direct download: Episode_102_-_Your_Stupid_Chewy_Face_and_Burnt_Heart.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:36pm EDT

This week Carlo of Dog and Pony Show joins us to talk about his confectionery genitals, making feta cheese and hermit crabs.  We talk with comedian Dave Nelson of the Comedy-A-Go-Go podcast about giving fake advice, take bets on who in the DC Universe is going gay and ask Drew to keep his pants on.  All this and more await your soon to be non-virgin ears!

Direct download: Episode_101_-_A_Whole_Lot_of_Balls.mp3
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Episode 100 - On Coming Full Circle

Some said we'd never do it.  Others said we already did it about ten episodes ago.  But then there's our faithful listeners who said we make them want to slice their ears off so they could never hear another sound.  This week we cram every bit we can into one show.  What's Fucked Up In Staten Island?, the Man-Up Man of the Week, the Insult Train and the Fan of the Week all surface.  We also talk about our favorite litigant ever and his final lawsuit before release from prison and play your voice mail.  Most importantly very funny comedian Seaton Smith calls in.  Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Episode_100_-_On_Coming_Full_Circle.mp3
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Episode 88a* - On Establishing Dominance

This week we felt like taking off, so that means you get a back episode.  Episode 88a* was previously unreleased pending a court trial, but in it we feature our unofficial co-host and talk about "The Grey" starring Liam Neeson and how to establish pack dominance among wolves.  There's other stuff too, but this is from a couple months ago, so listening is a new adventure.  Cheers!

Direct download: Episode_88_-_On_Establishing_Dominance.mp3
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Episode 99 - On a Half-Mummy Rat Rapist

This week, on a very special Anti-Semantic Show we inform Drew that "Ryan Gay" is on the eve of retirement, we interview costume designer Hayley Swinson about faking police brutality and we discuss what sitcom characters got beat by their parents.  We also debate the Rat King's existence, contemplate an art degree to make pizzas and acknowledge Dick Clark's ghost.

Direct download: Episode_99_-_On_a_Half-Mummy_Rat_Rapist.mp3
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Episode 98 - On a Multitude of Subjects, All of Which I Cannot Remember Right Now

This week we talk about stuff, most of it we can't rememeber, so it'll be a surprise when we re-listen.  We do know we have the GRammy Nominated band Permanent Ability on our show talking about life and music.Other than that we debate Tupac's immortality, George Washington's badassery and Our first experiences with the ladies.

Episode 97 - On a Column-Like Candle

This week Super-Fan Duncan Dr. Funkin visits the studio, we debate the best pizza in New York and we talk about porn sponsorships.  We also interview the lovely Sara E. Spivey and trade stories of misplaced bodily functions and their interesting outcomes.

Direct download: Episode_97_-_On_a_Column-Like_Candle.mp3
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Episode 96 - On Our Favorite Sinking Ship

Only half of us turn up this week but our friedn J and Intern Matt OC fill-in for Drew and Pradogod.  This week we talk about staring too long into one another's eyes, Twitter feuding with Roseanne Barr and the the quality of hooker available for a double cheeseburger.  We also discuss the Titanic and Amelia Earhart, Wrestlemania and we let the fans scare us with their hook-up tales.

Direct download: Episode_96_-_On_Our_Favorite_Sinking_Ship.mp3
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Episode 95 - On TV Shows

This week we talk about making it to 95 episodes, debate who should be Man Up Man of the Week and hate on this week's WWE Raw.  We get into a huge talk about TV shows we love, including the Walking Dead and the seasonal wrap up and our excitement over the start of Game of Thrones.  All this and a nod to Taking Back Sunday's album "Tell All Your Friends" as it turns 10 years old.

Direct download: Episode_95_-_On_TV_Shows.mp3
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Episode 94 - On Backdoor Pilots

This week we interview our first guest with a Wikipedia page, the Reverend Bob Levy, and talk about Staten Island, being stupid kids and making your way in the world despite police showing up at your door over alleged death threats.  We also discuss Drew's hatred of backdoor pilots, test out our ability to sniff out bullshit in stories and  question Peyton Manning as a Bronco.

Direct download: Episode_94_-_On_Back_Door_Pilots.mp3
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Episode 93 - On Banging the Drums

This week we discuss Rush Limbaugh's stupid face, faking interviews and being a hobo.  We also delve into the subject of a love triangle with a drumset and the statue of liberty and interview Rob Dimension (Extreme Odd Couple Podcast) about pugs and being assholes with microphones.

Direct download: Epsiode_93_-_On_Banging_the_Drums.mp3
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Episode 92 - On Cake and Presidency

This week Intern Matt O'Connell ( fills in for Ryan, we get blown off by our interview and Ryan is hanging out with crackwhores.  We also uncover Iraq's version of Punk'd, hear about police beating a stroke victim and discuss teaching a gorilla to use filthy sign language to communicate with visitors to the White House.  Also, cake farts.

Direct download: Episode_92_-_On_Cake_and_Presidency.mp3
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Episode 91 - On Throwing a Classy Party

This week we talk about Pinder's exciting life, enjoy a wonderful song written to a song from Super Mario Brothers 3 and praise CM Punk for being a real man.  We also interview Jen Reamuro ( about her wild life of single motherhood and comedy and fonly discuss Good Burger.

Direct download: Episode_91_-_On_Throwing_a_Classy_Party.mp3
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Episode 90 - On Playing Power Hour With Proper Music

This week Drew returns and talks about his absence, we get the low down on Steve Corino's insult train and Pinder almost vomits over a moral dilemma.  We also talk to Ali Spagnola, the composer behind the Power Hour Album and inventor of the shot glass/USB drive on a string (check her out here) and talk a bit about Japanese fart art.

Direct download: Episode_90_-_On_Playing_Power_Hour_With_Proper_Music.mp3
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Episode 89 - On Apologies

This week we hail the return of an old favorite segment, the Man up Man of the Week, in glorious fashion that only the Chris Brown drama could create.  We also spew venom for the Grammy Awards, conduct an interview with the Grossinator and open our hearts in honor of Valentine's Day.  A couple of friends drop in for a quick chat as well and we talk about Jeremy Lin and his super powers.

Direct download: Episode_89_-_On_Apologies.mp3
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Episode 88B* - On Alternate Timelines

We return with an alternate episode 88.  We update the Drew situation, break out abn old childhood toy and question whether or not a certain podcast is stealing our stuff.  We also get into the sensation of Jeremy Lin in New York, cheer the Giants superbowl win and bring Fact Checker Tom in for a quick talk.

Direct download: Episode_88b_-_On_Alternate_Timelines.mp3
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Episode 87 - On Liam Neeson's Creation of the Universe

On this episode we debate the merits of Morgan Freeman as God versus Liam Neeson as God, doing voice-over work, and the Giants going to the Superbowl.  We also talk about a listener's death pool, the merits of Teddy Roosevelt versus Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the death of the old ECW arena, and ice cream that will get you drunk.

Direct download: Episode_87_-_On_Liam_Neesons_Creation_of_the_Universe.mp3
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Episode 86 - On Phallic Cuisine

This week we talk about dining options, Ryan's lazy eye freaks everyone out and we compare Al Gore to Jesus while searching to explain SOPA and PIPA.  We also talk about Abobo's Big Adventure, get upset that we don't have Nielsen Ratings boxes, Shane Doyle defends festivals and we rant about the way television breaks up seasons of our favorite shows.

Direct download: Episode_86_-_On_Phallic_Cuisine.mp3
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Episode 85 - On Death and David Boreanaz

This week we return with a two hour extravaganza.  We talk about who is going to die in the new year, the logistics of changing our podcast name and the possibility of a hot dog tie-in for our 5 year anniversary.  We also share news about a scat-tacasticly named gentleman, throw in some voicemails and add a dash of talk about sending folks signed pictures.

Direct download: Episode_85_-_On_Death_and_David_Boreanaz.mp3
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Anti-Semantic Show - Happy New Year Special

We did a short one to say happy new year to you guys.  Thanks to everyone who made this year great, we really have some awesome fans and want you guys to know we appreciate your support and love hearing from you.  We'll be back next week with a new episode and we'll be pushing ourselves to create even more content to keep you laughing in the next year.  Again, thanks everyone, from all of us at the Anti-Semantic Show!

Direct download: Happy_New_Year_Special.mp3
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Episode 84 - On Giving Respect

This week we discuss our favorite RPG's, froth at the mouth over the ne Dark Knight Rises trailer and make fun of Pinder for not looking where he parks.  We also talk the South Park video game, Drew almost walks out and Stiff Frisbee makes a return.

Direct download: Episode_84_-_On_Giving_Respect.mp3
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Episode 83 - On Fact Checker Tom's Puzzling Genitals

This week we learn that there's a service to rent out porn stars, Fact Checker Tom talks to us about how difficult it is for him to orgasm, and discuss a controversial New Jersey map making the rounds.  We also delve into our best and worst christmas stories, Pinder talks about his love for an egg dolled up like a whore and we wonder if a woman intended to pay for the meth she was manufacturing in a Walmart.

Direct download: Episode_83_-_On_Fact_Checker_Toms_Puzzling_Genitals.mp3
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This episode we delve into the muck that is pop music, try to decipher Katy Perry from Zoey Deschanel, get angry at the scummy atheists of the world and try to determine if a certain doctor was visiting the Large Hadron Collider.  We also play some voicemails, talk about the .xxx web extension and discuss the pro-life stance of Siri.

Direct download: Episode_82_-_On_the_Clubs_Inability_to_Handle_Us.mp3
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Episode 81 - On New Naming Conventions

This week we talk about the passing of a great comedian, Patrice O'Neal.  We also bring out two Man Up Men of the Week, discuss first part of season 2 of "the Walking Dead", and introduce a new segmment called "PradoGod's Corrections".  We also talk about a lady with a shit tattoo and the American dream.

Direct download: Epsiode_81_-_On_New_Naming_Conventions.mp3
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Episode 80 - On Getting High on DMX

This week we talk about the new WWE 12 video game, rehash the Survivor Series and discuss the pepper spray cop at loud volumes.  We also get into what happened to porn stralet Carmella Bing, hate on the Evil Dead re-make and discuss the terrible problem of teens getting high on DMX largely through barking.

Direct download: Episode_80_-_On_Getting_High_On_DMX.mp3
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Episode 79 - On PETA's Stance On Gamera

This week we dig into PETA's beef with Mario, Pinder exposes his Cold War programming and we broach our feelings about pierced nipples.  We also get into the shortage of breast milk in breast milk banks, discuss a man that just can't let his failed marriage go and debate the most dangerous toys of the 90's.

Direct download: Episode_79_-_On_PETAs_Stance_on_Gamera.mp3
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Episode 78 - On the Bieber Baby

This week we talk about making Zan Danger, discuss Justin Bieber's chances of fathering that kid and discuss Drew's anger over surprise parties.  We also debate the conviction of Michael Jackson's doctor, mourn the Loss of celebrities by mocking them and Drew tempts fate by goading Anonymous.  Enjoy!

Direct download: Episode_78_-_On_the_Bieber_Baby.mp3
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Episode 77 - On Nuts Against Police Brutality

Pradogod can't make it so we bring in intern Matt OC to fill his slot.  We get behind Google's refusal to pull down videos of police brutality, navigate the video game release wave for the fall and Drew goes crazy for the new Sonic the Hedgehog game.  We also eat almonds.

Direct download: Episode_77_-_On_Nuts_Against_Police_Brutality.mp3
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Episode 76 - On 1,000 Ways to Minorly Injure

This week kicks off with Pinder stalking Lewis Black in what he claims is "a not at all creepy way", we could care less about Lindsay Lohan's Playboy appearance and we try to remember the theme for "Talespin".  Also on this show a man and wife catch each other cheating in the hotel room adjacent to theirs, Drew fondly recalls Skee-Lo and Pinder gets mildly annoyed at Drew's trolling.  We also feature a song from our friends Headboard Jockeys of their new album "Fight the Panda".

Direct download: Episode_76_-_On_1000_Ways_to_Minorly_Injure.mp3
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Epsiode 75 - On Bologna Missiles

Drew stays home sick so we bring in Intern Matt OC and our Political Correspondent to fill the void.  We discuss the pros and cons of clean, amish living and the cost of hangover to the United States.  We also get deep on the Occupy Movement, the sad state of Scott Hall and how to resolve having hundred pound balls.  All that magic and a surprise hot dog attack on this weeks show.

Direct download: Episode_75_-_On_Bologna_Missiles.mp3
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Episode 74 - On the Inevitable Rise of the Machines

This week we lost a great mind and the inventor of Skynet.  We also tread on predictions for the new Batman movie, speculate on the new Avengers trailer, shout obscenities over baby making and don't believe a word Drew's lying whore mouth says.  All this and our weekend with strippers await your lonely ear-ginas.

Direct download: Episode_74_-_On_the_Inevitable_Rise_of_the_Machines.mp3
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Episode 73 - On Surviving (Like a Boss)

This episode we talk our generation's musical legacy, the Occupy movement and living on leaves and creek water.  We also talk the end of the Simpsons, remember the movie UHF fondly, recognize that prayer can't stop bullets and get excited for Tupac's dancing bj porn.

Direct download: Episode_73_-_On_Surviving_Like_a_Boss.mp3
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Episode 72 - On Rehab

The show brings out the love for Richie and holds an old fashioned, pot banging, wine-in-a-can intervention for him.  We also debut Drew's new record, get upset about ethnic tips, try to remember what scene of Mallrats that Bush song was in and talk about the Jersey country accent.

Direct download: Episode_72_-_On_Intervention.mp3
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Episode 71 - On Zombie Theory

Pradogod pissed his pants, so we bring in intern Matt OC along with guest, Fact Checker Tom.  We philosophize about zombies, begin an adventure and mock Richie.  We also talk about our potty mouths and talk about a lady that got her office baked on baked goods.

Direct download: Episode_71_-_On_Zombie_Theory.mp3
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Episode 70 - On Bums and Bros

"U Mad Bro" a racist remark?  We certainly don't think so, but one school is up in arms about it.  Our friend Pat sits in for Drew and talks about being a super-nice guy, the crew catches up on the last two weeks and a bear robs a car.  There's a funny Krod voicemail and we discuss dodging family events. 

Direct download: Episode_70_-_On_Bums_and_Bros.mp3
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Hurricane Clip Show

So Irene flooded our basement and the studio, while all equipment is safe, is disassembled at the moment.  So, to make sure something is out, Pinder threw a clip show together.  Just some favorite bits and a brand new Stiff Frisbee.  Thanks for listening.

Direct download: Hurricane_Clip_Show.mp3
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Episode 69 - On Earthquakes

Yeah, the earthquake, kinda hack to talk about, but we gotta do it.  This week we bring in The Profit Prophet and Whosie Whats of the Wall $treet Playaz to fill in for the shaken Pradogod, celebrate a victory for cloud storage, discover the size of Drew's bush and the magic of Ryan staying seven years old forever.  We also make a case to end email forwarding, talk about roommates both awesome and terrible and fear the flying bear.

Direct download: Episode_69_-_On_Earthquakes.mp3
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Episode 68 - On Your Totaled Dog

This week we talk about type casting, decree a new super fan and reminisce about the Micro Machines guy.  We also talk about totalled dogs, the amount of death we'd welcome if we had to live with 500 plus cats and try not to get depressed about domestic abuse.  Things are getting awesome so download today!

Direct download: Episode_68_-_On_Your_Totaled_Dog.mp3
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Episode 67 - On Superheroes

This week our "intern" Matt OC sits in for Ryan.  We go deep into the Avengers movies, talk more upcoming comic book movies and Pinder is deeply in love with a mannequin.  We talk our favorite new super hero "Captain Save-a-Ho", mock some Buddhists for trying to preserve tasty life, make predictions for 2012 and proipose a new F-bomb at the behest of a listener and goad drunken Drew.

Direct download: Episode_67_-_On_Superheroes.mp3
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Episode 66 - On Knowing Our Own Show

This episode we get down with selling babies for video games, making money off the upcoming Diablo 3 and running over cars with a tank.  We also review a movie from our Netflix queue "The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulu", get mad about the debt ceiling, try to goad J into a rant and play trivia with questions provided by Duncan "Dr. Funken". 

Direct download: Episode_66_-_On_Knowing_Our_Own_Show.mp3
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