The Anti-Semantic Show
Four assholes with microphones discuss politics, current events, movies, wrestling and many other topics of an overall useless nature.
It's the fabled live show, ready for not live listening.  Thanks to everyone who came out.

Special thanks:

DJ Feva - For Use of the PA
Dog and Pony Show - Thanks for setting this up, helping with suggetions and the mic
Rhythm and Brews - For hosting us
The Paper Bombs - Thanks for the mic
Dave -  check out his work, thanks for photographing us and providing another mic
Brendan Lyons - For being so bad we never tire of mocking you
BKL - For being our bitching lounge singer between segments.

And of course much love to everyone who came out and supported us and all the listeners.  Keep listening, it gets better.

- Pinder

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