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Four assholes with microphones discuss politics, current events, movies, wrestling and many other topics of an overall useless nature.
ASS Tracks - Santa Claus (1959)

This episode departs from the normal format and finds Ryan, Pradogod, and Pinder testing a new type of show.  This podcast is meant to be played in addition to the movie "Santa Claus" made in 1959.  The movie features Santa Claus' struggle against the devil and runs about 90 minutes.  This movie can be found on Amazon Prime Instant Video or on Youtube for free.  Simply queue the movie then begin playing the podcast, then hit play on the movie when prompted.  Now you can experience sitting in Ryan's living room as the guys mock the movie and then suffer through the last 30 minutes as if they were victims of the Spanish Inquisition.

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Episode 159 - Anyone Could Be Santa Claus

This episode Fact Checker Tom stops in and the guys discuss the honored tradition of SantaCon and why they shouldn't shut it down.  They also discuss Ryan's inability to tell a story with an ending, talk the internet's response to Paul Walker's death, and Mike Cruz's rummaging through friends' computer gets discussed.  All this plus a new "Are You F**king Kidding Me!?".

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Episode 158 - No Pedestals

Mike Cruz drops in to discuss Toronto's crazy ass Mayor, Bitstrips, and Fall television.  The guys also talk about Mike's problems with everything/everywhere, George Zimmerman's return to the public eye, and views on Prostitutes.  All this and an all new "Are You Fuckin' Kidding Me?!" from John Powers.

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Episode 157 - Generic Episode

This episode is from a couple of months ago.  The guys welcome Mike Cruz to the show and discuss stories and porn.  Very generic.

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Episode 156 - Lions and Turkeys

This week the guys debate the fate of the Staten Island wild turkeys, someone gets stranded on the BQE, and a man has puppies in his pants.  This week also features a new "Are You Fucking Kidding Me?", Coolio is selling the rights to his music, and Patton Oswalt makes twitter his bitch.  Thanks for listening.

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Episode 155 - Guns & Lies

This week the guys discuss guns, driving in Massachusetts, and the Mantis Shrimp's badassness.  They also talk Detroit bankruptcy and invite John Powers to discuss his "discovery" of the new CitiBike program.

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Episode 154 - Touched by His Noodly Appendage

This week stuff happens and we call out John Powers for his Citi Bike "Breaking News" article. 

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Episode 153 - Batman Trumps Superman

This week the guys discuss Superman versus Batman and some other stuff.  New Are You Fucking Kidding Me?!?!

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Episode 152 - Hu's at Fault?

This episode features discussion on the Zimmerman trial and a Korean Airliner crash.  The guys also discuss J's possible dog ownership, racially insensitive racial sensitivity training, and the continuing Thai obsession with Hitler.  Thanks for listening.

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Episode 151 - Thailand is Dumb

This week Pradogod returns and the guys discuss beer etiquette at parties, Thailand's love for one of history's most hated men, and online dating.  Also discussed are music sensation "Ms. Fun", Zynga Customer Service, and why you should never search Kevin Smith on twitter after 10PM (EST).

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Episode 150 - The Money In the Fountain Is Up For Grabs

This week Mike Cruz pops in to discuss amusement parks, a new Super Nintendo game, and the death of Matt "Doink the Clown" Borne.  They also discuss the best selfie ever, Alicia Silverstone's stupid vegan breast milk, filling the hate hump, and the morality of stealing wishes.

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Episode 149 - Airplane Eitquette and Paula Dean

This week Fact Checker Tom joins in to discuss Paula Dean's troubles and why not to consume garlic bread pre-flight.  Also discussed are why rioting is stupid, Pinder feels bad for being fat, and someone loves Magic Mike.

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Episode 148 - Where's the Big Finish?

This week Mad Dog Mattern drops in to talk with the guys about alcohol tampons, depressing songs, and living in Vegas.  Matt O.C. stops in to discuss his feelings on Man of Steel and gets sidetracked by kryptonite. 

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Episode 147 - How to Make and Name a Baby

This episode Mike Cruz and Fact-Checker Tom fill in for Drew and Pradogod and discuss baby names, Drew's forthcoming child, and racism.  Also discussed is why we hate playing World of Warcraft and the infamous Red Wedding from A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones.

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Episode 146 - We Are Telling Jokes

This week Comedian Myq Kaplan joins the guys in studio to discuss Florida Man, the meaning of the word "racism", and why he does comedy for a living.  John Powers provides a new "Are You F*cking Kidding Me?" and there's even more news. 

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Episode 145 - Summer Blockbuster

This episode Pinder, Ryan, and Drew talk about the upcoming summer hits and why Ironman 3 is a good movie.  John Powers Delivers a new Are You Fucking Kidding Me?

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Episode 144 - The Crossover

This episode features Jesse PS of the Pod Awful progrum telling the guys about his experience with the feds and how much he hates everyone.  The conversation veers through the landscape of just terrible topics and of course ends with Florida Man.

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Episode 143 - New Age Instagram Chinese Millionaire

This episode the guys discuss China's new wealthy class, Psy's new video, and they try to profile the bombers from the Boston Marathon bombing.  Also discussed is the art of making a homemade porno, reality television, and the future of the Late Show.  Enjoy!

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Anti-Semantic Show Celebrity Interview Extravaganza

This special episode we talk to participants in the Combat Radio Celebrity Soccer Open happening on May 5th, 2013 and benefiting Project Kindle ( and The Peace Fund (  We got to spend an evening talking with some wonderful actors, musicians, and players about this even and it was hilarious.

Special thanks to Ethan Dettenmaier, Stephen Appell, and Eric Mark for the opportunity.  Special thanks to our guests as well: Adrian Paul, Steve Cooke, Eric Mark, Jay Tavare, Stephanie Erb, Diego Lora, Rick Mora, and Mindy Robinson.

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Episode 142 - Toys

This episode features an interview with Jackie Kashian, an amazing comedian that kept us rolling. The only other thing that pops to memory that was talked about was sex toys.  So sex toys and Jackie Kashian.

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Episode 140 - Backing One Out Old School

This week Ryan and Prado hold down the fort with Fact-Checker Tom and our resident Wildlife Expert/Political Correspondent.  Together they discuss the racist Fire Department Lieutenant, proper children's apparel, and what exactly constitutes a micro-penis.  John Powers weighs in with a new Are You Fucking Kidding Me, they get a voice mail from "Chris Brown", and everyone considers oredering the hot new sexual enhancement aid, Swag.  Thanks for listening.

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Episode 139 - Pissssssssssssssssssssssssss

This week Drew comes back and has a new catch phrase.  John Powers contributes a new "Are You Fucking Kidding Me?".  The guys announce new gear available for you to enjoy.  Also pissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

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Episode 138 - Is This Thing On?

This week the Anti-Semantic Show has a special guest drop by
He's Adam Lucidi
He's a comedian and an all around funny guy.
They talk about crazy British listeners and cocktails that will make you vomit
And also Dominoes and Pepsi
But most important thing they about
Is Guy on a Buffalo!
Oh there's a Pradogod update and some other stuff
And Guy on a Buffalo
Hey, is there John Powers?  No but we got Fact-Checker Tom
And Guy on a Buffalo
Hey Adam Lucidi, tell us about your life and stealing a Spongebob blowup and
A Guy on a Buffalo!

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This week our Political Correspondent stops in to fill for Drew and two other friends, Cupo and Fact_Checker Tom, sit in to discuss the death of a dictator and the threat of North Korea.  Ethan Dettenmaier calls in to discuss his show, "Combat Radio", working as a writer in Hollywood, and whispering conversations with Steven Segal.  All this plus talks about transgender bathroom sharing and a mighty abortion dilemma.  Thanks for listening!

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Episode 136 - Oscars

This week finds the guys discussing the Oscars and trying to decipher why everyone was so upset.  Thomas Atilla Lewis calls in to talk about filming Bill Burr and being a comedian.  Plus we get a new "Are You Fucking Kidding Me!?!" from John Powers.

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Episode 135 - Talking TV

This week the Anti-Semantic Show guys talk TV: What's good, what's bad and what they miss. All that and brand new "Are You Fucking Kidding Me!?" and a mom who won't innculate her kids because of "God's plan" which seems to not include vaccinations.

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Episode 134 - Wrestling With Our Goats

This episode the guys are joined by our resident Wild Life Expert and marvel at the neighing of goats, unsavory practices of Westminster Dog Show, and the antics of America's greatest hero, Florida Man.  Also discussed are Pinder's antics at religious camp and a hot new Hip-Hop track that's making its way around the web.

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Episode 133 - Who Dat Smash, Smash, Suh-mash!?!?

This week the guys welcome Carlo of Dog and Pony Show as he launches a new podcast and Fact-Checker Tom.  They discuss the origin of the "Who Dat?" chant, laugh at the guy who hatchet stomped a fake Jesus and the Rural Olympics of India.  Also touched on are laws in Paris, why porn should stick to being porn, and Pinder tries to defend the Juggalo culture.

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Episode 132 - We Give Up On the Internet

Seriously internet, getting real sick of your shit right now.  You've created a buzz around a rapper deserving of success in Macklemore but then you let everyone else in the world rap.  You're videos are horrible and make us lose faith in humanity and you've allowed boy band festivals.  We can't quit you though, especially when you give us the Machete Order to watch Star Wars and provide a long list of parody films we can find on Netflix.  Well, you are the large part of gets talked about this week internet, so come on and listen.

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Episode 131 - Sexy Giraffe Necks

This week Drew is absent but it doesn't slow the guys down.  They get into what holes are numbered above three for sexy time and question why people would ever pee on each other.  They also discuss the Manti Te'o story, the limits of property squatting, and why the dream of being in radio has died.  You'll also find out what bizarre thing Pinder has on his bucket list.

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Episode 130 - Going Berserker On the Kids

This week the guys are drinking out of swing-top bottles so Pinder can brew his beer.  Ryan discovers Omegle during the show and harasses people while Pradogod uncovers Pinder's dark and disturbing obsession.  We also talk about the implications of Lance Armstrong's fall from grace and fake Shane Doyle is dubbed real Shane Doyle.  Hachachah!

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Episode 129 - Don't Give Her the Mr. Morales

This episode there's talk of proper coat room etiquette and another exciting chapter to the ongoing drama of John McAfee and Ryan's robe.  Finally getting caught up so I can kind of remember what these episodes are about.  I think we say "Happy New Year" and fire Drew from one of his jobs.  Also Drew has a new job and sees casual penis.

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Episode 128 - How Do You Get to Heaven?

This episode features members of the show mindlessly discussing some bullshit while being mildly distracted by some other stuff.  There's a discussion about what would make people eligible to get into their heaven.  Some other stuff.

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Episode 127 - Pinder Didn't Like Inglorious Basterds

This episode hails from before Christmas times.  We talk about excitement about the future (now past) movie releases and Pinder debates whether or not Inglorious Basterds was an entertaining movie.  John Powers contributes a new "Are You Fucking Kidding Me?" and we listen to voice mails from a listener that drinks their man under the table.

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