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Episode 123 - Puppets of All Shapes and Sizes

This week we are joined by our Political and Wildlife correspondent, to discuss the election, CIA scandals and Elmo.  There's a discussion about what would happen if Texas were to secede and become its own country.  We also talk about some other stuff, but this is three weeks ago we recorded it now...I can't remember what we talked about anymore.  Hey, we can listen and discover together.  Sweet!

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Epsiode 122 - Storms & Elections

This week we talk about the super storm that rocked Staten Island.  Since we're from here, we talk about it quite a bit.  We also recorded this on election night so we discuss the results of that as they come in and you listen some time later.  We also have a new "Are You Fucking Kidding Me?!?" and talk some news that isn't the storm.

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Episode 121 - Accurately Portraying an Owl

This episode shows up a bit late, but covers some timeless topics.  How timeless?  How about the discussion over what you need to do when dressed as an owl watching over a woman when she sleeps?  What about uppercutting bus drivers?  How about the real timeless one, about whether or not porn of yourself as a child counts as illegal child porn?  Mind blown?  Listen to it anyway.

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