The Anti-Semantic Show
Four assholes with microphones discuss politics, current events, movies, wrestling and many other topics of an overall useless nature.

This week Carlo of Dog and Pony Show joins us to talk about his confectionery genitals, making feta cheese and hermit crabs.  We talk with comedian Dave Nelson of the Comedy-A-Go-Go podcast about giving fake advice, take bets on who in the DC Universe is going gay and ask Drew to keep his pants on.  All this and more await your soon to be non-virgin ears!

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Episode 100 - On Coming Full Circle

Some said we'd never do it.  Others said we already did it about ten episodes ago.  But then there's our faithful listeners who said we make them want to slice their ears off so they could never hear another sound.  This week we cram every bit we can into one show.  What's Fucked Up In Staten Island?, the Man-Up Man of the Week, the Insult Train and the Fan of the Week all surface.  We also talk about our favorite litigant ever and his final lawsuit before release from prison and play your voice mail.  Most importantly very funny comedian Seaton Smith calls in.  Thanks for listening!

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Episode 88a* - On Establishing Dominance

This week we felt like taking off, so that means you get a back episode.  Episode 88a* was previously unreleased pending a court trial, but in it we feature our unofficial co-host and talk about "The Grey" starring Liam Neeson and how to establish pack dominance among wolves.  There's other stuff too, but this is from a couple months ago, so listening is a new adventure.  Cheers!

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