The Anti-Semantic Show
Four assholes with microphones discuss politics, current events, movies, wrestling and many other topics of an overall useless nature.
Episode 99 - On a Half-Mummy Rat Rapist

This week, on a very special Anti-Semantic Show we inform Drew that "Ryan Gay" is on the eve of retirement, we interview costume designer Hayley Swinson about faking police brutality and we discuss what sitcom characters got beat by their parents.  We also debate the Rat King's existence, contemplate an art degree to make pizzas and acknowledge Dick Clark's ghost.

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Episode 98 - On a Multitude of Subjects, All of Which I Cannot Remember Right Now

This week we talk about stuff, most of it we can't rememeber, so it'll be a surprise when we re-listen.  We do know we have the GRammy Nominated band Permanent Ability on our show talking about life and music.Other than that we debate Tupac's immortality, George Washington's badassery and Our first experiences with the ladies.

Episode 97 - On a Column-Like Candle

This week Super-Fan Duncan Dr. Funkin visits the studio, we debate the best pizza in New York and we talk about porn sponsorships.  We also interview the lovely Sara E. Spivey and trade stories of misplaced bodily functions and their interesting outcomes.

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Episode 96 - On Our Favorite Sinking Ship

Only half of us turn up this week but our friedn J and Intern Matt OC fill-in for Drew and Pradogod.  This week we talk about staring too long into one another's eyes, Twitter feuding with Roseanne Barr and the the quality of hooker available for a double cheeseburger.  We also discuss the Titanic and Amelia Earhart, Wrestlemania and we let the fans scare us with their hook-up tales.

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