The Anti-Semantic Show
Four assholes with microphones discuss politics, current events, movies, wrestling and many other topics of an overall useless nature.
Episode 95 - On TV Shows

This week we talk about making it to 95 episodes, debate who should be Man Up Man of the Week and hate on this week's WWE Raw.  We get into a huge talk about TV shows we love, including the Walking Dead and the seasonal wrap up and our excitement over the start of Game of Thrones.  All this and a nod to Taking Back Sunday's album "Tell All Your Friends" as it turns 10 years old.

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Episode 94 - On Backdoor Pilots

This week we interview our first guest with a Wikipedia page, the Reverend Bob Levy, and talk about Staten Island, being stupid kids and making your way in the world despite police showing up at your door over alleged death threats.  We also discuss Drew's hatred of backdoor pilots, test out our ability to sniff out bullshit in stories and  question Peyton Manning as a Bronco.

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Episode 93 - On Banging the Drums

This week we discuss Rush Limbaugh's stupid face, faking interviews and being a hobo.  We also delve into the subject of a love triangle with a drumset and the statue of liberty and interview Rob Dimension (Extreme Odd Couple Podcast) about pugs and being assholes with microphones.

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Episode 92 - On Cake and Presidency

This week Intern Matt O'Connell ( fills in for Ryan, we get blown off by our interview and Ryan is hanging out with crackwhores.  We also uncover Iraq's version of Punk'd, hear about police beating a stroke victim and discuss teaching a gorilla to use filthy sign language to communicate with visitors to the White House.  Also, cake farts.

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Episode 91 - On Throwing a Classy Party

This week we talk about Pinder's exciting life, enjoy a wonderful song written to a song from Super Mario Brothers 3 and praise CM Punk for being a real man.  We also interview Jen Reamuro ( about her wild life of single motherhood and comedy and fonly discuss Good Burger.

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