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Episode 90 - On Playing Power Hour With Proper Music

This week Drew returns and talks about his absence, we get the low down on Steve Corino's insult train and Pinder almost vomits over a moral dilemma.  We also talk to Ali Spagnola, the composer behind the Power Hour Album and inventor of the shot glass/USB drive on a string (check her out here) and talk a bit about Japanese fart art.

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Episode 89 - On Apologies

This week we hail the return of an old favorite segment, the Man up Man of the Week, in glorious fashion that only the Chris Brown drama could create.  We also spew venom for the Grammy Awards, conduct an interview with the Grossinator and open our hearts in honor of Valentine's Day.  A couple of friends drop in for a quick chat as well and we talk about Jeremy Lin and his super powers.

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Episode 88B* - On Alternate Timelines

We return with an alternate episode 88.  We update the Drew situation, break out abn old childhood toy and question whether or not a certain podcast is stealing our stuff.  We also get into the sensation of Jeremy Lin in New York, cheer the Giants superbowl win and bring Fact Checker Tom in for a quick talk.

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