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Four assholes with microphones discuss politics, current events, movies, wrestling and many other topics of an overall useless nature.
Episode 87 - On Liam Neeson's Creation of the Universe

On this episode we debate the merits of Morgan Freeman as God versus Liam Neeson as God, doing voice-over work, and the Giants going to the Superbowl.  We also talk about a listener's death pool, the merits of Teddy Roosevelt versus Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the death of the old ECW arena, and ice cream that will get you drunk.

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Episode 86 - On Phallic Cuisine

This week we talk about dining options, Ryan's lazy eye freaks everyone out and we compare Al Gore to Jesus while searching to explain SOPA and PIPA.  We also talk about Abobo's Big Adventure, get upset that we don't have Nielsen Ratings boxes, Shane Doyle defends festivals and we rant about the way television breaks up seasons of our favorite shows.

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Episode 85 - On Death and David Boreanaz

This week we return with a two hour extravaganza.  We talk about who is going to die in the new year, the logistics of changing our podcast name and the possibility of a hot dog tie-in for our 5 year anniversary.  We also share news about a scat-tacasticly named gentleman, throw in some voicemails and add a dash of talk about sending folks signed pictures.

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