The Anti-Semantic Show
Four assholes with microphones discuss politics, current events, movies, wrestling and many other topics of an overall useless nature.
Episode 76 - On 1,000 Ways to Minorly Injure

This week kicks off with Pinder stalking Lewis Black in what he claims is "a not at all creepy way", we could care less about Lindsay Lohan's Playboy appearance and we try to remember the theme for "Talespin".  Also on this show a man and wife catch each other cheating in the hotel room adjacent to theirs, Drew fondly recalls Skee-Lo and Pinder gets mildly annoyed at Drew's trolling.  We also feature a song from our friends Headboard Jockeys of their new album "Fight the Panda".

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Epsiode 75 - On Bologna Missiles

Drew stays home sick so we bring in Intern Matt OC and our Political Correspondent to fill the void.  We discuss the pros and cons of clean, amish living and the cost of hangover to the United States.  We also get deep on the Occupy Movement, the sad state of Scott Hall and how to resolve having hundred pound balls.  All that magic and a surprise hot dog attack on this weeks show.

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Episode 74 - On the Inevitable Rise of the Machines

This week we lost a great mind and the inventor of Skynet.  We also tread on predictions for the new Batman movie, speculate on the new Avengers trailer, shout obscenities over baby making and don't believe a word Drew's lying whore mouth says.  All this and our weekend with strippers await your lonely ear-ginas.

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Episode 73 - On Surviving (Like a Boss)

This episode we talk our generation's musical legacy, the Occupy movement and living on leaves and creek water.  We also talk the end of the Simpsons, remember the movie UHF fondly, recognize that prayer can't stop bullets and get excited for Tupac's dancing bj porn.

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