The Anti-Semantic Show
Four assholes with microphones discuss politics, current events, movies, wrestling and many other topics of an overall useless nature.
Episode 65 - On Ridiculous Opulence

This episode Pinder boasts about getting paid, we ignore the idea of respect and talk about Amy Winehouse's drug problems and try to determine how the Norwegian god Thor talks.  We aslo discuss Sean Bean and his many movie deaths, review the movie "Black Death", talk about sharing cocaine with your ten month old and and discuss a politician who's just "Grrrrrrreat!".  We also uncover the new hotness is having money: dinosaur bones.

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Episode 64 - On a Weird Place

The Anti-Semantic Show is back on track with another episode.  This week we talk awkward boners, salesmen from Zimbabwe and the Aristocrats.  We talk about our shitty movie "Almighty Thor", the Mighty Vin of Dog and Pony Show stops in, we debate sex with the disabled and mourn our old watering hole.  Don't forget about the Anti-Semantic Comedy Show on August 26th on Staten Island, tickets are on sale now.

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Episode 63 - On the Treatment of Dogs

This week we get deep on bestiality, discuss the lack of options for President, and try to decipher the difference between vigilante justice and come-uppence.  We also go to the voicemails for an attack on Drew, let J rant about ball chasing morons, discuss a gentleman with a terrible resume, and question ever swimming in a public pool again.

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Episode 62 - On Good Parents

This week we talk about the Casey Anthony verdict, try to understand why thugs love 'Ice Jesus' and go deep into the fail that is superhero deaths.  We also review 'Way of the Gun', question why a bird in Pinder's neighborhood sounds like a car alarm, get crunk with the world's number one song about the game of Cricket and declare no-backsies for 911 calls.

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Episode 61 - On Important Advice

This week we talk about CM Punk and his sick promo, Pinder's fear of the countryside and how to tell Pradogod's B.A.C. just through audio.  We also explore the most badass woman in India, how useless the ESRB video game ratings really are, buyingan ad on a volleyball player's vagina and when to call it quits on piloting.  We also field some voicemails and feature the music of the Wall Street Playas, one of the acts on our Anti-Semantic Stand-Up Comedy Show.

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