The Anti-Semantic Show
Four assholes with microphones discuss politics, current events, movies, wrestling and many other topics of an overall useless nature.
Episode 60 - On Being a Big Deal On a Small Island

This week Carlo of Dog and Pony Show stops by, we talk about Mick Foley's stand-up performance, Ryan Dunn's firey wreck and the intricacies of our legal system.  We also talk about the movie"Enter the Void", Amish sexting and internet sensation Nyan Cat.  All this and a Man Up Man of the Week that leaves his friends with the best gift ever.  Enjoy.

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Episode 59 - On the Cash Value of Dignity

Sorry for the delay folks, the editing computer blew up.  Literally sparked and smoked and shut off. 

This episode, Matt steps in for Drew while we discuss rooftop BBQs, rental appliances and golden loads.  We also talk about how badass Sean Bean is, the ultimate way to one up your ex and terrible alcoholic beverages.  Subscribe on iTunes and check the site.

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Episode 58 - On A Weiner

This episode we discuss everyone's favorite weiner, talk the best way to watch X-Men: First Class and a new and interesting twitter feed.  We also discuss knocking out an eight year old girl in one punch, E3 and the new Wii U, and a man that takes the most dangerous vacations in the world.  A warm welcome to the people duped by our advetising as we beg for more listeners and callers.  I'm a monkey made of brass chinchillas.

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Episode 57 - On Growing Up Like 'Sojurs'

This episode we to Presidential dong bags, Bree Oslon's sex life, online ordering of illegal drugs and spiders existence through our mercy.  We review the movie "Descent" starring Rosario Dawson, we get annoyed at the DC Universe retcon, talk about quitting bacon for sausage and finally find a common ground with the KKK.  Tons more that we can't even mention here happens, so listen up.

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Episode 56 - On the Sadness

This episode we pay homage to a fallen legend and purveyor of fine, American meat-based snacks, Macho Man Randy Savage.  Drew and Ryan talk about harassing a retarded person until they left a wrestling event.  We chime in on the failed rapture, talk about the New York Mets problems (with limited knowledge), and micro-sizing your value meal.  We also review Pradogod's netflix queue movie of the week, "Stark Raving Mad".

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