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Four assholes with microphones discuss politics, current events, movies, wrestling and many other topics of an overall useless nature.
Episode 47 - On Mike Cruz, Woah!

This episode we have two guests filling in for Drew.  One is superfan and Ski Til I Die owner Pauly V.  The other is Staten Island author and bartender Mike "Cheese" Cruz.  This episode we talk about burying a hooker in Nevada, ex-girlfriends that broke our hearts, getting by with a little help from the mob and powerbombing bullies.  Plus we debut the long fortold Guilderland song.

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Episode 46 - On Magic

The gentleman on our cover art is a hero, he caught an errant bat with one hand while watching a game at MLB's Spring Training, all while managing to maintain the integrity of his Red Stripe in a can.  Where the hell did he even get Red Stripe in a can from?  We talk about Drew getting murdered on stage, St. Patrick's Day follies and finally dispel the Ryan is gay jokes thanks to a caller.

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Episode 45 - On Renegade Photography In Florida

This week, we talk a judge's shitty call in a rape trial, the Oscars and why cow's can't be photographed in Florida.  We also ignore Charlie Sheen completely (your welcome) and opt to instead discover what an F.U.I. is.  Download and forget about us, it's the Anit-Semantic Show!

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