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Anti-Semantic Show - Happy New Year Special

We did a short one to say happy new year to you guys.  Thanks to everyone who made this year great, we really have some awesome fans and want you guys to know we appreciate your support and love hearing from you.  We'll be back next week with a new episode and we'll be pushing ourselves to create even more content to keep you laughing in the next year.  Again, thanks everyone, from all of us at the Anti-Semantic Show!

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Episode 84 - On Giving Respect

This week we discuss our favorite RPG's, froth at the mouth over the ne Dark Knight Rises trailer and make fun of Pinder for not looking where he parks.  We also talk the South Park video game, Drew almost walks out and Stiff Frisbee makes a return.

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Episode 83 - On Fact Checker Tom's Puzzling Genitals

This week we learn that there's a service to rent out porn stars, Fact Checker Tom talks to us about how difficult it is for him to orgasm, and discuss a controversial New Jersey map making the rounds.  We also delve into our best and worst christmas stories, Pinder talks about his love for an egg dolled up like a whore and we wonder if a woman intended to pay for the meth she was manufacturing in a Walmart.

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This episode we delve into the muck that is pop music, try to decipher Katy Perry from Zoey Deschanel, get angry at the scummy atheists of the world and try to determine if a certain doctor was visiting the Large Hadron Collider.  We also play some voicemails, talk about the .xxx web extension and discuss the pro-life stance of Siri.

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Episode 81 - On New Naming Conventions

This week we talk about the passing of a great comedian, Patrice O'Neal.  We also bring out two Man Up Men of the Week, discuss first part of season 2 of "the Walking Dead", and introduce a new segmment called "PradoGod's Corrections".  We also talk about a lady with a shit tattoo and the American dream.

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Episode 80 - On Getting High on DMX

This week we talk about the new WWE 12 video game, rehash the Survivor Series and discuss the pepper spray cop at loud volumes.  We also get into what happened to porn stralet Carmella Bing, hate on the Evil Dead re-make and discuss the terrible problem of teens getting high on DMX largely through barking.

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Episode 79 - On PETA's Stance On Gamera

This week we dig into PETA's beef with Mario, Pinder exposes his Cold War programming and we broach our feelings about pierced nipples.  We also get into the shortage of breast milk in breast milk banks, discuss a man that just can't let his failed marriage go and debate the most dangerous toys of the 90's.

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Episode 78 - On the Bieber Baby

This week we talk about making Zan Danger, discuss Justin Bieber's chances of fathering that kid and discuss Drew's anger over surprise parties.  We also debate the conviction of Michael Jackson's doctor, mourn the Loss of celebrities by mocking them and Drew tempts fate by goading Anonymous.  Enjoy!

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Episode 77 - On Nuts Against Police Brutality

Pradogod can't make it so we bring in intern Matt OC to fill his slot.  We get behind Google's refusal to pull down videos of police brutality, navigate the video game release wave for the fall and Drew goes crazy for the new Sonic the Hedgehog game.  We also eat almonds.

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Episode 76 - On 1,000 Ways to Minorly Injure

This week kicks off with Pinder stalking Lewis Black in what he claims is "a not at all creepy way", we could care less about Lindsay Lohan's Playboy appearance and we try to remember the theme for "Talespin".  Also on this show a man and wife catch each other cheating in the hotel room adjacent to theirs, Drew fondly recalls Skee-Lo and Pinder gets mildly annoyed at Drew's trolling.  We also feature a song from our friends Headboard Jockeys of their new album "Fight the Panda".

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Epsiode 75 - On Bologna Missiles

Drew stays home sick so we bring in Intern Matt OC and our Political Correspondent to fill the void.  We discuss the pros and cons of clean, amish living and the cost of hangover to the United States.  We also get deep on the Occupy Movement, the sad state of Scott Hall and how to resolve having hundred pound balls.  All that magic and a surprise hot dog attack on this weeks show.

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Episode 74 - On the Inevitable Rise of the Machines

This week we lost a great mind and the inventor of Skynet.  We also tread on predictions for the new Batman movie, speculate on the new Avengers trailer, shout obscenities over baby making and don't believe a word Drew's lying whore mouth says.  All this and our weekend with strippers await your lonely ear-ginas.

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Episode 73 - On Surviving (Like a Boss)

This episode we talk our generation's musical legacy, the Occupy movement and living on leaves and creek water.  We also talk the end of the Simpsons, remember the movie UHF fondly, recognize that prayer can't stop bullets and get excited for Tupac's dancing bj porn.

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Episode 72 - On Rehab

The show brings out the love for Richie and holds an old fashioned, pot banging, wine-in-a-can intervention for him.  We also debut Drew's new record, get upset about ethnic tips, try to remember what scene of Mallrats that Bush song was in and talk about the Jersey country accent.

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Episode 71 - On Zombie Theory

Pradogod pissed his pants, so we bring in intern Matt OC along with guest, Fact Checker Tom.  We philosophize about zombies, begin an adventure and mock Richie.  We also talk about our potty mouths and talk about a lady that got her office baked on baked goods.

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Episode 70 - On Bums and Bros

"U Mad Bro" a racist remark?  We certainly don't think so, but one school is up in arms about it.  Our friend Pat sits in for Drew and talks about being a super-nice guy, the crew catches up on the last two weeks and a bear robs a car.  There's a funny Krod voicemail and we discuss dodging family events. 

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Hurricane Clip Show

So Irene flooded our basement and the studio, while all equipment is safe, is disassembled at the moment.  So, to make sure something is out, Pinder threw a clip show together.  Just some favorite bits and a brand new Stiff Frisbee.  Thanks for listening.

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Episode 69 - On Earthquakes

Yeah, the earthquake, kinda hack to talk about, but we gotta do it.  This week we bring in The Profit Prophet and Whosie Whats of the Wall $treet Playaz to fill in for the shaken Pradogod, celebrate a victory for cloud storage, discover the size of Drew's bush and the magic of Ryan staying seven years old forever.  We also make a case to end email forwarding, talk about roommates both awesome and terrible and fear the flying bear.

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Episode 68 - On Your Totaled Dog

This week we talk about type casting, decree a new super fan and reminisce about the Micro Machines guy.  We also talk about totalled dogs, the amount of death we'd welcome if we had to live with 500 plus cats and try not to get depressed about domestic abuse.  Things are getting awesome so download today!

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Episode 67 - On Superheroes

This week our "intern" Matt OC sits in for Ryan.  We go deep into the Avengers movies, talk more upcoming comic book movies and Pinder is deeply in love with a mannequin.  We talk our favorite new super hero "Captain Save-a-Ho", mock some Buddhists for trying to preserve tasty life, make predictions for 2012 and proipose a new F-bomb at the behest of a listener and goad drunken Drew.

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Episode 66 - On Knowing Our Own Show

This episode we get down with selling babies for video games, making money off the upcoming Diablo 3 and running over cars with a tank.  We also review a movie from our Netflix queue "The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulu", get mad about the debt ceiling, try to goad J into a rant and play trivia with questions provided by Duncan "Dr. Funken". 

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Episode 65 - On Ridiculous Opulence

This episode Pinder boasts about getting paid, we ignore the idea of respect and talk about Amy Winehouse's drug problems and try to determine how the Norwegian god Thor talks.  We aslo discuss Sean Bean and his many movie deaths, review the movie "Black Death", talk about sharing cocaine with your ten month old and and discuss a politician who's just "Grrrrrrreat!".  We also uncover the new hotness is having money: dinosaur bones.

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Episode 64 - On a Weird Place

The Anti-Semantic Show is back on track with another episode.  This week we talk awkward boners, salesmen from Zimbabwe and the Aristocrats.  We talk about our shitty movie "Almighty Thor", the Mighty Vin of Dog and Pony Show stops in, we debate sex with the disabled and mourn our old watering hole.  Don't forget about the Anti-Semantic Comedy Show on August 26th on Staten Island, tickets are on sale now.

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Episode 63 - On the Treatment of Dogs

This week we get deep on bestiality, discuss the lack of options for President, and try to decipher the difference between vigilante justice and come-uppence.  We also go to the voicemails for an attack on Drew, let J rant about ball chasing morons, discuss a gentleman with a terrible resume, and question ever swimming in a public pool again.

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Episode 62 - On Good Parents

This week we talk about the Casey Anthony verdict, try to understand why thugs love 'Ice Jesus' and go deep into the fail that is superhero deaths.  We also review 'Way of the Gun', question why a bird in Pinder's neighborhood sounds like a car alarm, get crunk with the world's number one song about the game of Cricket and declare no-backsies for 911 calls.

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Episode 61 - On Important Advice

This week we talk about CM Punk and his sick promo, Pinder's fear of the countryside and how to tell Pradogod's B.A.C. just through audio.  We also explore the most badass woman in India, how useless the ESRB video game ratings really are, buyingan ad on a volleyball player's vagina and when to call it quits on piloting.  We also field some voicemails and feature the music of the Wall Street Playas, one of the acts on our Anti-Semantic Stand-Up Comedy Show.

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Episode 60 - On Being a Big Deal On a Small Island

This week Carlo of Dog and Pony Show stops by, we talk about Mick Foley's stand-up performance, Ryan Dunn's firey wreck and the intricacies of our legal system.  We also talk about the movie"Enter the Void", Amish sexting and internet sensation Nyan Cat.  All this and a Man Up Man of the Week that leaves his friends with the best gift ever.  Enjoy.

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Episode 59 - On the Cash Value of Dignity

Sorry for the delay folks, the editing computer blew up.  Literally sparked and smoked and shut off. 

This episode, Matt steps in for Drew while we discuss rooftop BBQs, rental appliances and golden loads.  We also talk about how badass Sean Bean is, the ultimate way to one up your ex and terrible alcoholic beverages.  Subscribe on iTunes and check the site.

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Episode 58 - On A Weiner

This episode we discuss everyone's favorite weiner, talk the best way to watch X-Men: First Class and a new and interesting twitter feed.  We also discuss knocking out an eight year old girl in one punch, E3 and the new Wii U, and a man that takes the most dangerous vacations in the world.  A warm welcome to the people duped by our advetising as we beg for more listeners and callers.  I'm a monkey made of brass chinchillas.

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Episode 57 - On Growing Up Like 'Sojurs'

This episode we to Presidential dong bags, Bree Oslon's sex life, online ordering of illegal drugs and spiders existence through our mercy.  We review the movie "Descent" starring Rosario Dawson, we get annoyed at the DC Universe retcon, talk about quitting bacon for sausage and finally find a common ground with the KKK.  Tons more that we can't even mention here happens, so listen up.

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Episode 56 - On the Sadness

This episode we pay homage to a fallen legend and purveyor of fine, American meat-based snacks, Macho Man Randy Savage.  Drew and Ryan talk about harassing a retarded person until they left a wrestling event.  We chime in on the failed rapture, talk about the New York Mets problems (with limited knowledge), and micro-sizing your value meal.  We also review Pradogod's netflix queue movie of the week, "Stark Raving Mad".

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Episode 55 - On Cause of Death

This weeks episode, we have the Rapture on our mind.  We also discuss lap dances and the revelations that would come from sharing a porn site password.  There's a new children's book we're in love with called "Go the Fuck to Sleep", a group of OBGYNs in Florida sculpting the job to what they dreamed it should be and we discuss the finer reasons of performing an autopsy.  We also review the comedy "Mystery Team".  Listen up and love us.

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Episode 54 - On the Real Laura Bush

On this episode we review the new Fast and the Furious movie with Flam and talk another wonderful film we watched this week, C Me Dance.  We also talk about which Presidential wives could get it, the Daily News' inability to write a better headline than a fourth grader and re-ignite the cola wars.  Plus we have an audience again.  WOOOOOHOOOO!

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Episode 53 - On America, the Beautiful

Osama is dead, so you know we got to talk about that.  We bring our friend Dan into the studio for some color commentary, Drew creates another dumb name and we talk about a famous late 90's B-film from Troma.  Our buddy John Powers calls in to talk to us about his new subway ad campaign too, this is one you won't want to miss.

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Episode 52 - On Body Upgrades

This episode we talk dominatrix love, electrocution, and body modification.  Steve Brojack sits in along with Paul V. and a call from Krod continues the Fact Checker Tom feud.

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Episode 51- On the Streets

This week we fill the studio with an audience, roll out fresh beef, and enjoy some finer greenery.  Pinder thinks he'd make a great homeless person, Kobe gets in trouble for an F-Bomb and we talk about being badasses compared to new generations of kids. 

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Episode 50 - On Building Bridges

This episode Fact Checker Tom sits in and gets drunk, Ryan and Prado went to a murder bar and Drew dorks out over wrestling.  Stories of a man with a dream in Canada, discussions about animal flavors based on color and we talk taxation.  Listen and be mildly enthused!

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Episode 49 - On The Moon

This episode our friend John Mooney is here.  We talk child abuse, our first sexual experiences, the Toronto SlutWalk, and prison dilemmas.  We have two What's Fucked Up in Staten Island topics this week and discuss the validity of pine scent to unite New York.

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Episode 48 - On the Phone

This week we miss Drew, talk about the Glassjaw show and invite Fact Checker Tom to drop some knowledge.  We also play with our new setup and call some friends for no good reason.

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Episode 47 - On Mike Cruz, Woah!

This episode we have two guests filling in for Drew.  One is superfan and Ski Til I Die owner Pauly V.  The other is Staten Island author and bartender Mike "Cheese" Cruz.  This episode we talk about burying a hooker in Nevada, ex-girlfriends that broke our hearts, getting by with a little help from the mob and powerbombing bullies.  Plus we debut the long fortold Guilderland song.

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Episode 46 - On Magic

The gentleman on our cover art is a hero, he caught an errant bat with one hand while watching a game at MLB's Spring Training, all while managing to maintain the integrity of his Red Stripe in a can.  Where the hell did he even get Red Stripe in a can from?  We talk about Drew getting murdered on stage, St. Patrick's Day follies and finally dispel the Ryan is gay jokes thanks to a caller.

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Episode 45 - On Renegade Photography In Florida

This week, we talk a judge's shitty call in a rape trial, the Oscars and why cow's can't be photographed in Florida.  We also ignore Charlie Sheen completely (your welcome) and opt to instead discover what an F.U.I. is.  Download and forget about us, it's the Anit-Semantic Show!

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Episode 44 - On the Brain Death Star

This episode, the Anti-Semantic Show Theater opens its doors once again to bring you another classic, Drew hates Phil Collins and news is ass-raped.  Matt O'Connell is in studio once again and Drew brings his special voodoo as always.  Listen, call, message, give us some feedback.

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Episode 43 - On Who Drew Is

Episode 43, we talk the return of the Rock to WWE, what the hell MP stands for and a dating service for those cursed with diseased genitals.  Listen as we talk stupid crooks and run the insult train straight into Drew with surprising results.  Also discussed are the Grammy Awards and a new contest.

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Episode 42 - On Alex's Big Heist

We have discovered a bank robber among us.  Our evidence?  Look at the album art, tell me that isn't the same guy.  We discuss where Alex hid the money, what happened to our facebook page and giving machetes to roosters.  Ryan is off this week, so Matt O'Connell fills in.  Listen and harass us.

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Episode 41 - On My Steak, I Like Ketchup and Cocaine

This week we talk snow removal techniques, the perfection of Heinz, surviving the impossible and partying with Charlie Sheen, which although it seems to fit into the prior, it doesn't.  I'm all out of words, so listen and make up your own!

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Episode 40 - On the Anti-Semantic Drinking Game Show

On a special episode of the Anti-Semantic Show, we bring you our normal lunacy, but this time we add in an audience in studio playing the drinking game based on the show with rules we made up five minutes beforehand.  We talk about TLC's newest show about strange addictions, the wolf-defying power of Creed and how to differentiate between ashes and cocaine.  It's informative, it's drunken, it's what you've come to expect at this point.

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Episode 39 - On Whiskey In the Can

This weeks show we have Fact Checker Tom and Alex in studio, we talk about whiskey in a can and discuss proper car-jacking etiquette.  We debut our new theme music and intro.  Pradogod gets too drunk.

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Episode 38 - On What You Know

We've been MIA for two weeks, so here's a show to explain why.  News is scarce, we mostly BS and go really creepy about hot chicks.  Enjoy.

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