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Anti-Semantic Show - Happy New Year Special

We did a short one to say happy new year to you guys.  Thanks to everyone who made this year great, we really have some awesome fans and want you guys to know we appreciate your support and love hearing from you.  We'll be back next week with a new episode and we'll be pushing ourselves to create even more content to keep you laughing in the next year.  Again, thanks everyone, from all of us at the Anti-Semantic Show!

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Episode 84 - On Giving Respect

This week we discuss our favorite RPG's, froth at the mouth over the ne Dark Knight Rises trailer and make fun of Pinder for not looking where he parks.  We also talk the South Park video game, Drew almost walks out and Stiff Frisbee makes a return.

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Episode 83 - On Fact Checker Tom's Puzzling Genitals

This week we learn that there's a service to rent out porn stars, Fact Checker Tom talks to us about how difficult it is for him to orgasm, and discuss a controversial New Jersey map making the rounds.  We also delve into our best and worst christmas stories, Pinder talks about his love for an egg dolled up like a whore and we wonder if a woman intended to pay for the meth she was manufacturing in a Walmart.

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This episode we delve into the muck that is pop music, try to decipher Katy Perry from Zoey Deschanel, get angry at the scummy atheists of the world and try to determine if a certain doctor was visiting the Large Hadron Collider.  We also play some voicemails, talk about the .xxx web extension and discuss the pro-life stance of Siri.

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Episode 81 - On New Naming Conventions

This week we talk about the passing of a great comedian, Patrice O'Neal.  We also bring out two Man Up Men of the Week, discuss first part of season 2 of "the Walking Dead", and introduce a new segmment called "PradoGod's Corrections".  We also talk about a lady with a shit tattoo and the American dream.

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Episode 80 - On Getting High on DMX

This week we talk about the new WWE 12 video game, rehash the Survivor Series and discuss the pepper spray cop at loud volumes.  We also get into what happened to porn stralet Carmella Bing, hate on the Evil Dead re-make and discuss the terrible problem of teens getting high on DMX largely through barking.

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Episode 79 - On PETA's Stance On Gamera

This week we dig into PETA's beef with Mario, Pinder exposes his Cold War programming and we broach our feelings about pierced nipples.  We also get into the shortage of breast milk in breast milk banks, discuss a man that just can't let his failed marriage go and debate the most dangerous toys of the 90's.

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Episode 78 - On the Bieber Baby

This week we talk about making Zan Danger, discuss Justin Bieber's chances of fathering that kid and discuss Drew's anger over surprise parties.  We also debate the conviction of Michael Jackson's doctor, mourn the Loss of celebrities by mocking them and Drew tempts fate by goading Anonymous.  Enjoy!

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Episode 77 - On Nuts Against Police Brutality

Pradogod can't make it so we bring in intern Matt OC to fill his slot.  We get behind Google's refusal to pull down videos of police brutality, navigate the video game release wave for the fall and Drew goes crazy for the new Sonic the Hedgehog game.  We also eat almonds.

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Episode 76 - On 1,000 Ways to Minorly Injure

This week kicks off with Pinder stalking Lewis Black in what he claims is "a not at all creepy way", we could care less about Lindsay Lohan's Playboy appearance and we try to remember the theme for "Talespin".  Also on this show a man and wife catch each other cheating in the hotel room adjacent to theirs, Drew fondly recalls Skee-Lo and Pinder gets mildly annoyed at Drew's trolling.  We also feature a song from our friends Headboard Jockeys of their new album "Fight the Panda".

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