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Episode 37 - On Donder and the Window Sash

It's a Christmas miracle!  Our holiday show on time for the holiday.  We have a special treat of holiday themed wonderment for you this week, including a reading of a Christmas classic by a nigh illiterate cast member.  We also throw up a Man Up Man of the Week for his perfect execution of an old grifter classic and talk about expensive Christmas decorations.  Plus stories about pedopphiles running wild this week.

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Episode 36 - On the Man Up Trophy Wall

Late release due to Christmas Parties.  This week Drew climbs back off the wagon, we try to decipher a Cirque du Soleil show and we get a special Fan of the Week.  We discuss how we can end up in jail because of Wikileaks and debate over the malier man:  the prankster or the pranked that stands up for themselves.  COuple new voicemails and some new porn synopses.  Contact us on voicemail 206-600-5684 or email us at or leave a facebook comment or follow us on twitter @AntiSemanticShw.

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Episode 35 - On Our Heads

Holiday times are here, so we talk about the weird news of respective religious beliefs.  We adress drunkeness, weigh in on WikiLeaks and get all real with the silver bomb proposal.  Plus we got some voicemails from the audience.

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Episode 34 - On Stupid Guido Fights

An interesting week in Ryan and Pinder's life inspires conversations about guido fighting.  Leslie Nielsen passed away, we salute him.  Some new voicemails and a story about seeking out a hidden midget.  Enjoy!

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Episode 33 - On Bubbly, Bacony Kisses

Episode 33 is here, just in time for Thanksgiving!  This week we re-cap Ryan's B-day, an evil device called a pornstick and applaud the only man that's ever been the boss in our books.  Matt O'Connell sits in for some trivia about the holiday and Fact Checker Tom leaves a funny voicemail.  Listen up and hit us up with some feedback.


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Topics: Ryan's B-day, Dangerous Cities, Pornstick, Effervescent Bacon Tabs, FDA Bans Caffienated Alcohol, Arizona Sheriff, Tony Danza, Piss Bully, Star Wars Bully, Medal of Honor Recipient, Thanksgiving Trivia, Wrong Dough, Sacha Baron Cohen, Muslim Textbooks

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Episode 32 - On a Boat

This episode we talk sports, but only in the most vague and inept of fashions and mostly about Bo Jackson.  We also discuss escaping from Alcatraz, spam on a boat and turkey tech support. We got our first voicemail to telling us how much better we are when we just yell stuff.  A new Stiff Frisbee in the episode too.




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Episode 31 - On the Drive Thru Bong and Dong

This episode we talk about laws getting out of our nutting.  We get a Man Up Man of the Week from Canada, discuss parapallegic UFC matches adn give you the scoop on what is either the latest Dan Brown book or the greatest scam ever pulled.  Plus new Stiff Frisbee for you to love on, so listen in and hit us up.

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Episode 30 - On the Art of Porno Descriptions

Episode 30 is here, chock full of fresh bits and a couple new bumpers.  In this one, we talk porno descriptions, crocodile & tiger farms and have new updates from Jimmy McMillain.  Hit us up if you like it or want to say something on the next show.


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Episode 29 - On the Height of the Rent

We're getting back into the swing of things.  This week we talk politics and nominate our favorite candidate for the New York Gubenetorial race as Man Up Man of the Week.  Drew couldn't make it so Matt O'Connell, superfan extrodinaire sits in for him.  We also try to make Ryan vomit and get sweet with an Oooky Cookie discussion.

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Episode 28 - On the Comeback

Our firs fresh recording in two years.  We talk about things we missed while we were gone, what we've been doing with our lives, and mostly ramble about nothing. 

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Episode 27 - On a Speaker in Norway

I found this and edited it about 2 years after we recorded it, so pardon the dated material.  Here's the last ep we recorded before our hiatus.  It's missing Drew but it was made so it will go up.

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Anti-Semantic Show On Salvia

Here's an old, unreleased episode to satiate while we assemble some new ones.  This episode was a disaster, mostly because we did drugs.  Don't do drugs.

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Before We Return, Here's A Lost Episode - Power Hour

We recorded this a while back in 2008 I believe.  It's old, there's no Drew, there's no format, it's just us doing a power hour.  No promises for goodness.  Enjoy!

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