The Anti-Semantic Show
Four assholes with microphones discuss politics, current events, movies, wrestling and many other topics of an overall useless nature.
Episode 22: On Stage at Rhythm and Brews It's the fabled live show, ready for not live listening.  Thanks to everyone who came out.

Special thanks:

DJ Feva - For Use of the PA
Dog and Pony Show - Thanks for setting this up, helping with suggetions and the mic
Rhythm and Brews - For hosting us
The Paper Bombs - Thanks for the mic
Dave -  check out his work, thanks for photographing us and providing another mic
Brendan Lyons - For being so bad we never tire of mocking you
BKL - For being our bitching lounge singer between segments.

And of course much love to everyone who came out and supported us and all the listeners.  Keep listening, it gets better.

- Pinder

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