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Episode 16: On February 17th Dog and Pony Show Website Launched Yes, go to and check out the work those guys have done, as well as exclusive Anti-Semantic Show photos and our Marvel Card. 

This episode has fact checker Tom stepping up to fill in for a working Pradogod.  Delayed because of snow, this one's a bit late, but it has arrived.  We also cover how racist Drew can go, hate on old technology, discuss nude photos of Chris Benoit's dead wife and blast through the news.  Not to mention the Man Up Man of the Week and Drew's Fan of the Week.

And listen to the song at the end for a reference to the greatest man to ever traverse time and space.  If you don't know who he is, go and listen to Episode 13.


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Episode 15: On Classic Theatre Today we tell a classic story involving heroes of olde, so olde, they get the "e" at the end of olde and it is not silent, but extremely well pronounced (old-eeee).  The story of 3 Dev Adam features Spiderman, Captain America and the Mexican lucadore (I don't know how to spell "Masked Mexican Wrestler") Santo in a twisted tale of crime and punishment in the sordid land of the once great Ottoman Empire, Turkey.

We also discuss the Giants Superbowl glory and dole out advice to our loyal listeners.  It's the wonder of the Anti-Semantic Show for the 15th time blowing your mind because your dick's too small!

- Pinder

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Episode 14: On and Off
14.  It's late, eat a dick. 

Drew gets drunk, the detachable penis technology is steadily approaching and Richie has a special message for the world.  Plus, we finally debut the advice column, and oh boy, is our advice pertinent...or at least advicey.  Listen and spread the joy.

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