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Four assholes with microphones discuss politics, current events, movies, wrestling and many other topics of an overall useless nature.
Episode 11: On Leadership Episode 11 is arrived.  This time Prado is MIA on personal business.  We got a couple of voice mails.  German guys are creepy.  One person should get elected to Jesus every four years.  We also expose a mystery from Epsiode 2.  What other fun things happen?  Not muchreally.  And sorry for the delay, fucking holidays.

- Pinder

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Episode 10: On In 5, 4, 3, _, _ We did it, we made it to Episode 10.  A pat on the back for us.  This time we're talking about horrible children's names, introduce our new weekly award (the Man Up Man of the Week), and have Drew back from his throat vaginitis with a new challenge for his new enemy, Eric Tomorrow of the Mediocre Show. 

We also tackle a tough world issue and of course digress to song at some point.  Count down to the pain, but don't say 2 or 1, just use the hand signal.


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Episode 9 : On the Top of the Sundae A belated Episode 9 is here with Episode 10 soon to follow.  This time we got voice mail from some crazy folks and we discuss the phenomenon that is in all its glory.  Sadly no Drew this week, at least to some.  We reveal Drew's first hate mail and his response.  And did you know that when it snows the Weather Channel's jams slow and they ready to release a jazz CD?  Baby!  I compare to a kiss from a hoe that's a coke slave!


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Episode 8: On Something Episode 8 is jam packed full of nothing.  No news means we deliver the best sub-par show ever.  Miss it, and you'll be somewhat more bored than if you did listen.  There's not even topics.  We just sit and bullshit for a while.  Yell at Ryan.  Repeat. 

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Episode 7: On Why We're Walking Like This Episode 7 with the ill what-nots for your dome-piece.  Richie is back to discuss rub&tugs.  Frew's still a bitch,  and things get a little trippy.  The ongoing drama of the Anti-Semantic Show continues.  And call us.  Just make sure you hit # when done recording the message.

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Episode 6 - On With the Show Six is here, get ready for the aural.

I don't feel like writing any more comments, I;m on load attempt5, the compy is junk.

Voice mail in effect now.

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Episode 5: On Drew's Dick Oh no, it's our fifth episode.

Why the big gap in time?  Well...Drew's feeling unappreciated.  He needs you all to stroke his ego a bit.  So make sure to show the love on the myspace ( and the email (

Also on this special extended show we get nuts deep in the Jena 6 situation, see how offensive we can be, explain why we've been absent and expose Sharice for the dirty whore she is.

God bless you all.

Also, leave a five star review on iTunes to boost us higher, Digg us, spread the word.  It's important.  Drew's dick may just depend on it.

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Episode 4: On 10,000 Black Men Ryan needs 10,000 black men.
He's getting desperate.

Pinder got locked up, the Anti-Semantic boys scheme another way to make money, Drew gets Punked and animal naming rights are up for auction.  Wow, what a world.

Congrats to Sharice as well on her baby.

Hit us up on the myspaces ( or email us at

Also leave an iTunes comment and rating.

Do other stuff to promote us to.

Like cutting off your own head with a homemade guillotine.

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Episode 3: On Chelada What the fuck is Chelada?  Apparently a popular drink in the local hispanic community.  Ingredients include Budweiser and Clamato (a concoction of tomato juice and clam juice).  So of course our good friend the Anti-Hero had to grab some for us to enjoy.  Also in this episode we discuss Drew's theories on the Cold War, marketing genius, disrespecting Spiderman's biotch, Michael Vick's business investment, and Arabian Disneyland and it's fascinating attractions.  Prepare to be left feeling dirty and used.
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Episode 2: On the Jumping of Sharks

Are the Chinese gay?  Most likely not, but there's a hot new commodity on the market...DEREK JETER'S HERPES!  So what girl's gonna be first to line up to have her squish mitten signed with his bumps? And if you find a boyfriend in the future, that's blind and a Yankee fan, all the better.  Bah, who am I kidding, you probably need to date a blind guy anyway.  Enjoy the show you ugly fucks.



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Episode 1: On The Classification of Mammals

Welcome to Episode 1.5 of the Anti-Semantic Show! It's about damn time, if you ask me.

This week on the show we talk about.....well....pretty much whatever the hell we feel like. Such topics come up as: Getting to know your hosts, getting plungers in the posterior, our luxury quality recording studio, old news that's still funny, our rampant alcoholism, Why Drew Hates Priests, and more.

Check our MySpace (until the website's up) at

Hit Ryan up at

Hear Pinder's comedy at



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